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Top Ten Pizza Places in the UK

We are proud once again to be mentioned in The Guardian being in the top 10 UK pizza places in the article '

'Eat, pray, pizza: London's slice of the Neapolitan revolution.'

"The only pizza restaurant in the UK to meet the strict guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana – the Neapolitan pizza police."



We are overwhelmed by the lovely review by Marina O'Loughlin in The Guardian.

"I pine for more as soon as the last mouthful has disappeared into my face: perfectly airy, elastic dough, the all-important corniccione dotted with little blisters of char, and the centre dressed with fruity, oil-blessed tomato and strings of milky cheese"

Yesterday we managed 177 customers breaking the record since we opened. Thank you for the kind support!

Read the full restaurant review here.